Thursday, 7 November 2013

Typographical Translation Award

If I had a list of things that don't matter terribly much in life, the GoodReads Choice Awards would be on it. But they seem to matter to other people, presumably as a large award in lots of categories, voted on by the public. People seemed to be getting piqued that there wasn't a separate category for translations. I mean, I didn't check how the whole thing worked but presumably you could just nominate translated books in the existing categories, if you were that way inclined. But never mind.

I say never mind because it turns out something I do find exciting has resulted from all the hoo-ha. A new grass-roots award for translated titles first published in the USA in 2013, at Typographical Era. Isn't that nice? You can vote at the 2013 Typographical Translation Award page. And yes, that is my friend Isabel's book on the list.

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