Friday, 4 April 2014

A Speedy List of Recent Favourites

Someone asked on Twitter about tips for contemporary German fiction. I don't know what they want them for but it's hard to put book recommendations into 140 characters. So here's a short and speedy list of books I've loved recently:

Saša Stanišić: Vor dem Fest
Lots of tiny stories in one place

Daniela Dröscher: Pola
1930s movie star, fictionalized

Deniz Utlu: Die Ungehaltenen
Angry young man goes to Turkey

Annett Gröschner: Walpurgistag
So many great characters!

Navid Kermani: Große Liebe
1980s schoolkids meet medieval Persian poetry

Also, I wrote something for New Books in German about the two books I'd most like to translate, for their "translation wishlist" feature.

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Helen MacCormac said...

am reading vor dem fest - slowly - it has captured me.