Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New Readux Series/Arthur Eloesser

Readux Books have announced their new series of teeny tiny literary treats. The four titles this time are Cities and City People: Berlin 1919 by Arthur Eloesser, trans. Isabel Cole, essays documenting the city on the cusp of change; Berlin Triptych by David Wagner, trans. Katy Derbyshire (that's me), more recent pieces on change in Berlin; Where the Hollyhocks Come From by Amanda Svensson, trans. Saskia Vogel, a coming-of-age story from Sweden; and Hong Kong Buffet by Brittani Sonnenberg – Americana and sweet-and-sour pork in many voices.

Lisa Schweizer designed the beautifully textured covers, and there'll be a launch party featuring all the (living) writers at the Vagabund Brauerei on 2 July. That's correct, Readux are organizing a piss-up at a brewery. Books are available to pre-order now and will be delivered from 20 June.

For a special advance treat, you can read one of Isabel's Eloesser translations at B O D Y magazine.

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