Wednesday, 10 September 2014

2014's German Book Prize Shortlist Announced

They've announced the shortlist of six titles in the running for the big German book prize:

Thomas Hettche: Pfaueninsel
Angelika Klüssendorf: April
Gertrud Leutenegger: Panischer Frühling
Thomas Melle: 3000 Euro
Lutz Seiler: Kruso
Heinrich Steinfest: Der Allesforscher 

That's most of my favourites out of the running, then. Just last night I had a drunken conversation with fab German writer Christiane Neudecker about who might win. We're going to make a bet. I say Seiler, she says Klüssendorf. Tilman Rammstedt said Nawrat but he wasn't going to join in our bet anyway. I think the winner gets a cake baked for her by the loser - of the bet, not the book prize.

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Christiane Neudecker said...

The game, Ms Derbyshire, is on!