Monday, 8 September 2014

Things To Do in Berlin This Week

You're in Berlin and you're stuck for something to do? What a good job you came here, then.

Tomorrow you can come along to my event at the ACUD Club featuring Brittani Sonnenberg and Christiane Neudecker, co-hosted with Slow Travel Berlin. Here's what they say about it. It's up to you whether to believe the hype.

On Wednesday you could go out to the LCB at Wannsee for the launch of Jochen Schmidt and David Wagner's new book about growing up in East Berlin and Bonn. What fun.

On Thursday you could learn about how beautiful books are made, in India and Germany, as part of the International Literature Festival at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. And you should because the panel is made up of Seagull Books' publisher and designer Naveen Kishore and Sunandini Banerjee (who designed the festival posters but the website is such a traincrash I can't find a link to them), plus Matthes & Seitz publisher and designer Andreas Rötzer and Judith Schalansky. Afterwards you might like to pop back East to the Ocelot bookshop for a mysterious thing called a Bookup – perhaps even just to find out what on earth it is.

On Friday I don't have a literary event for you, but if you like dancing to old-fashioned music you might like to try Das Hotel. I personally will be staying in.

On Saturday you can see Eliot Weinberger, Maren Kames, David Wagner and me reading from stuff in the basement of a hostel. If you're very nice I might take you out dancing afterwards.

You might like a bit of a break after all that, but you could start all over again on Tuesday the 16th, with New German Voices Karen Köhler and Marianna Salzmann at the book festival.

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