Monday, 24 November 2014

Translating the Untranslatable in Berlin

I love this idea and I'm looking forward to it immensely. Think of it as a reward for having stuck out a good chunk of the Berlin winter:

The "untranslatable" label is stuck on all sorts of things from puns and pop songs to poems in dialect and political polemic. In fact we translators disprove the concept every day. On 6 February 2015, Jake Schneider and Madame Zik will be hosting an evening of English translations of allegedly untranslatable German texts at the classy Villa Neukölln. This is where you come in. Each participant picks 5 minutes' worth of text (or another medium) that they would consider "untranslatable," and one of the others has to translate it anyway in the privacy of their own home, then present it onstage to an audience of friends and fellow translators. Cabaret act to follow. To participate, email Jake Schneider at jdschneider at gmail dot com. Deadline for signing up: December 20

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Anonymous said...

A bit of premature speculation, but it seems to me that after John E. Woods' heroic rendering of Zettels Traum into English is published, our notion of what is untranslatable will be considerably changed. Fascinating topic it is, because some books just do not work in translation no matter how hard the translator tries. The best example off the top of my head is Andrei Platonov's prose.