Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Swiss Literature Awards 2015

The Swiss government awards a sort of multiple prize to several writers each year, to match their multilingual country – the Swiss Literature Awards. Don't get this one muddled up with the Swiss Book Prize, though, because that goes to one book that was written in German. OK? This year there are seven winners:

Dorothee Elmiger, Schlafgänger

Eleonore Frey, Unterwegs nach Ochotsk

Hanna Johansen, Der Herbst, in dem ich Klavier spielen lernte

Guy Krneta, Unger üs

Frédéric Pajak, Manifeste incertain. Vol. 3: La mort de Walter Benjamin. Ezra Pound mis en cage

Claudia Quadri, Suona, Nora Blume

Noëlle Revaz, L’Infini livre

So that's three books in High German, one in Bern German, one in French, one in Italian and another one in French, I think. And you might notice my translatee Dorothee Elmiger at the top of the list, which makes me very happy because she gets 25,000 Swiss Francs, which I believe is quite a lot of money. And because I love her book Schlafgänger. And because I'm going to be translating it very soon indeed. Hooray!

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