Thursday, 9 April 2015


It's the school holidays this week, which makes me instantly relaxed and slows me down. Rather a blissful state, to be honest. And next week I'm going to London to do three things:

First of all there's a one-day event called Translating Around the World at the Society of Authors, on Monday. It's sold out though, so I'll see you if I see you. I'm going to be on a panel about continuing education for established translators, with Ros Schwartz and Sarah Ardizzone.

Then on Monday evening I'm holding a (cough) "masterclass" at the London Review Bookshop, called Spot the Translation. That's sold out too, apparently. Which is nice.

And after that it's the London Book Fair, where I'll be having a lovely time all round, I hope, and also taking part in a panel called Where Are the Women Writers in Translation? on the Thursday, with Joanna Walsh, AM Bakalar and Carmen Boullosa.

So I'm probably not going to blog.

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