Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Ocelot Reopens

My favourite bookshop has opened up again, as of today. It's all looking strangely neat and tidy but it's still ocelot, despite having closed for several weeks (prompting waves of melancholy every time I walked past, which was fairly often).

Trade mag Börsenblatt revealed last week that the insolvent business has been bought by a company that runs four other bookshops in Germany and isn't planning to change much at all. There were plenty of people in there earlier today, browsing and drinking coffee and chatting and ordering books, which made me very happy. I hope we can look forward to more of ocelot's likeable events in the future.

If you happen to be in Berlin-Mitte, why not pop in? It's not so often you see an ocelot that's risen from the ashes.

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