Friday, 22 July 2016

Women in Translation Month: A Useful List

August is Women in Translation Month! #WITMonth! I approached my local independent bookshop and asked if they might like to do a special table, and they said yes! Then they said could I send them a list of suggested titles and they'd see what they could get hold of...

So I asked on Facebook and rather a lot of books came together. Here's the list for your inspiration. I used a fairly random cut-off date of 2010 publication and I've only given the most basic information – title, author, publisher. It still took all day though, so please just find out any additional stuff you need of your own accord.

You could use it to find books you'd like to read or review, to help out your bookseller, to brainwash your friends, whatever. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Susan Bernofsky has kindly put the list in alphabetical order, and as Margie Joseph sang: Like the size of the fish that the man claimed broke his wrist, it's growing. A number of bookshops are joining in, not just Ocelot in Berlin but also Ink84 and Belgravia Books in London and a few more in the pipeline. Watch out for that hashtag!


The Modern Novel said...

Katy, This is a wonderful list and very useful. I discovered many interesting writers. A couple of corrections:

It is Simonetta Agnello Hornby, not Simonella Agnello Hornby
It is Alexandra Chreiteh not Alexandra Chrietieh
It is Laurence Cossé, not Larence Cossé

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