Friday, 12 September 2008

Scheck Tells it Like it Is

I've mentioned Denis Scheck here before, but I've just discovered his incredibly rude and highly entertaining take on the German bestseller list in print form. Enjoy (providing you speak German, that is).

A wee taster:

Joanne Fedler: Weiberabend
Caricatures of hysterically giggling women, permanently engaged in shallow conversation about kids, cooking or cosmetic surgery, hopelessly lost in the narcissistic mirror maze of their pale personalities: up to now the only place I'd come across anything like this was in misogynist gay comics. Fedler's novel, consisting of a protocol of eight grown women at a pyjama party, all of them mothers, offers up these simple-minded clichés in all seriousness as role models. A deeply depressing book.

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