Thursday, 25 June 2009

German Poetry Feature in Lit 15/16

Having said that, I just have to point out that the upcoming issue of LIT magazine features the following:

Bars Across Sky Across Feeling: A Selection of German Poetry in Translation
, curated by Liesel Tarquini, with work by Susan Bernofsky, E.H. Bottenberg, Marica Bodrozic, Katy Derbyshire, Catherine Hales, Victoria Hill, Wendy Ann Kopisch, Friederike Mayröcker, Alistair Noon, Veronika Reichl, Monika Rinck, Silke Scheuermann, Lutz Seiler, Tzveta Sofronieva, Donna Stonecipher, Matthias Traxler and Chantal Wright…

If you happen to be in NY you could pick up a copy at their launch party on Saturday.


britta said...

Heyyy! Who did you translate? And where the heck are you?!

kjd said...

I translated some of the poems by Marica Bodrozic. And I'm still here, just the phone's on the blink and no internet at home.