Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Translation Idol - The Results

Last night saw the glittering gala that was The Return of Translation Idol, at the rather marvelous Saint George's Bookshop. The response was slightly overwhelming, with a whopping twenty-seven entrants vying for the title. We somehow managed to keep people awake while all present rendered their renderings of Selim Özdogan's story "Schwule Ziegen auf Lesbos", and the entries from further afield - Switzerland! Austria! Scotland! Frankfurt! USA! - were read too.

The Poet's Prize went to Lesley Dean for her "Gay Goats on Lesbos". And the audience vote was split between a good few translators: in third place Isabel Cole and Noah Hussin; in second place Donal McLaughlin and Steph Morris; and the joint winners were Lesley Dean again and Paul Druce for his "ZORBA'S COOKBOOK Recipe No. 47 – A Feast for the Enlightened".

It all went to show that there are literally hundreds of different permutations on even a short text - and that Berlin harbours a heck of a lot of translatorly talent. Thanks again to all those who helped make it a great evening. All entries will be published on the no man's land website in due course (when we've recovered).

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