Thursday, 4 June 2009

Things to Come

I won't really be blogging this week, as I'm so darned busy. But this is good busy.

Tomorrow I'm off to Wolfenbüttel for the German literary translators' annual get-together, where a colleague and I will be entertaining the masses with our record collections. Our DJ team now even has a name: DJs Lang & Scheidt. Steph Morris is Lang, I'm Scheidt (think about that one). I'm looking forward to seeing John E. Woods in conversation with Ingo Schulze; more after the fact.

And seeing as this is a me, me, me post, I might as well come clean. I'm co-editing the Berlin volume of the really rather excellent City-Lit series from Oxygen Books. That means I'm wading through piles and piles of great books to find extracts about Berlin. Not drowning but waving though, at this point. I've already read stacks of stuff and I hope I'll find time to post at least brief pieces about some of the newer titles here. You'll be able to buy the book in the autumn.


Harvey Morrell said...

You probably heard DW-Bücherwelt's podcast story on Schulze's meeting with his translators (May 9, 2009 ausgabe)in Straelen?

kjd said...

Harvey, you are an absolute star! Must find that story - last year's workshop along the same lines was with Julia Franck, incidentally.

Harvey Morrell said...

The link to that story is:,,4202583,00.html

I thought of you when I heard it. :)