Wednesday, 16 December 2009

More Tantalising Lists

If you haven't seen my top three untranslated German books of the decade, pop over to Podularity now. Funnily enough, George Miller has also asked German non-fiction editor Peter Sillem for his top three - and none of them are German...

You've probably also seen The Quarterly Conversation's incredibly impressive over 40-strong list entitled Translate this book! And now The Guardian has asked a glittering array of literary people for their favourite flops - the ones that really shouldn't have got away. Featuring a high percentage of translations, it is rather grist for the "translations don't sell" mill. But that's hardly surprising, seeing as they talked to translators and small publishers infamous for their outward-looking stance.


David said...

Re: Translate this book.

Only one German title? Let's come up with our own list!

kjd said...

Oh, what a great idea. I'll start the ball rolling right now.