Friday, 4 December 2009

My Books of the Decade

George Miller of did me the great honour of asking for my three books of the decade. It was rather a difficult task to whittle ten years' worth of reading down to three titles, but I did it. They're all German books - what a surprise. George is asking all manner of interesting people to do the same - and you can also listen to all manner of interesting literature-related podcasts on the site.


David said...

Ha, Ha: "Katy fell in love with German literature despite studying it at university..."

kjd said...

I was worried I'd offend people with that. But it's more or less true - it was like the way you hate the books you had to read at high school too.

I have to say though that it laid a solid foundation for understanding my own reading in later life. Ahem.

Sweet Corn said...

Ey luv. I saw something about your blog on writers using lesbian and gay characters. I'm attempting to do so and hope to publish in Spring 2010. A peak at the them of the book is here:

Any suggestions are welcome.


kjd said...

Thanks, er, Sweet Corn. The book sounds really interesting - good luck to you!

Best from Berlin,