Monday, 8 October 2012

Celebrate Good Times

Actually this piece really ought to be entitled "German Book Prize to Ursula Krechel for Landgericht." But I've been out celebrating the birth of Frisch & Co. with top new publisher EJ Van Lanen! And will you look at that - Ursula Krechel's won the German Book Prize and EJ Van Lanen's gone and set up a publishing company - all on the same day! Some gin was involved.*

So while Ursula Krechel's part-documentary novel about a former judge returning to Germany after 1945 has bagged small Austrian publisher Jung und Jung their second German Book Prize in three years, Frisch & Co. Electronic Books have bagged two (other) top German novels, which they'll be publishing in English translation in (late) spring 2013. And hold your breath now, because they're former German Book Prize winner Uwe Tellkamp's Der Turm and Anna Kim's The Anatomy of a Night.

So everybody's very happy indeed. Congratulations all round. Let's celebrate - may there be ladies with tattooed faces and gin and cucumber all round.

*Slightly too much gin was involved for coherent blogging, but too little for all-out depravity. Hooray! If you feel like making EJ happy, do send him an email congratulating him on his new venture.


schultzie said...

But who is translating Der Turm? I'm just reading it now and find it fascinating.

kjd said...

Ah, that's what I asked too. He's not quite sure yet.

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