Monday, 1 October 2012


The publishers And Other Stories have launched their new blog Ampersand - with a special treat made out of all eight of their books so far.

Leonardo Villa-Forte has made a mashup, including parts of Clemens Meyer's story "Riding the Rails", if I'm not mistaken. It speaks volumes about something I've been thinking about recently - what we can do with literature if we abandon the idea of reading as a passive process. Beautiful.

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Leonardo Villa-Forte said...

Hi kjd!
I'm glad you enjoyed the remix piece I made for And Other Stories blog launch. It's part of my MixLit work. Like you, I have thought a lot about what we can do by seeing the books as material for another works. I just got some nice links about that theme from your other post that talks about LitFlow. That must have been a great event.
There's more MixLit pieces in the blog "MixLit" by wordpress.
I'm a fan of german literature. I looked for your email but didn't find it. I'll leave mine here:
all the best!