Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Exciting New (and Forthcoming) Books

Three exciting books translated from German:

Chantal Wright is a translator and an academic and has written an experimental translation of Yoko Tawada's Portrait of a Tongue. So you get the English version, translated from the German, on the left, interspersed with Chantal's notes and thoughts and annotations on the right. I am very excited indeed about this, and I'll read it very soon. Hi Chantal!

Donal McLaughlin is a translator and a writer and has written a Glaswegian translation of Pedro Lenz's Swiss-German Der Goalie bin ig, called Naw Much of a Talker, reviewed in The Scotsman here. Donal read some of his translation to a group of us around a table up a Swiss hill this time last year, and it was a real thrill. Congrats on the book and the great review, Donal!

Tim Mohr is a translator and a journalist and has written a long-awaited translation of Wolfgang Herrndorf's Tschick, with the English title Why We Took the Car. It's sad that the author died before it comes out in January - but I know people are biting their nails to read it in English because about ten people searching for it come here every day. I'm looking forward to it, Tim!


Marcus said...

Re: why we took the car

Wolfgang didn't live long enough to see the translation published, but he loved the english title, and it is a very good one indeed.

kjd said...

I agree, Marcus.