Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Berlin Book Lovers

You may remember I was a bit frustrated by the whole internet dating experience. And I'd been thinking for some time how great it would be to have a website for getting in touch with other culture vultures. Strangely, nobody dashed to my aid and invented one, so I have done so myself.

So I hereby present Berlin Book Lovers. It's a non-commercial contact site for people in Berlin who love books. I've kept it very, very simple. All it consists of is professional photos of people with their favourite book, with a contact form if you'd like to write to them. It's not actually a dating site as such, because a lot of people said they already had a partner but they'd still like to be part of it. So, you know. If you'd like to swap books or go for a coffee with anyone, drop them a line. Or whatever.

If you're in Berlin you can join in as well. The next photo session is on 15 March. Get in touch via the "Join" page on the website itself if you can make it. The very first round of photos, i.e. at that session, will be free. At all photo sessions after that you pay a one-off fee of €25 to cover the photographer, but you do get to keep the fabulous picture of yourself with your favourite book.

I chose the title because it's infinitely expandable. So if people in Buenos Aires want to do the same thing they can set up Buenos Aires Book Lovers. Or if film buffs in Berlin want to do the same thing they can set up Berlin Film Lovers. You get the point. If you want to do something similar, do let me know via the "Join" page as well, and I'd be happy to offer help and advice.

I'd like to thank the wonderful photographer, Anja Pietsch, and all the friends who've helped out with ideas and criticism. I'm eternally grateful to my delightful models, who are waiting for you to contact them as we speak. And especially, I'd like to thank Klaus Kowalke from the bookshop Lessing und Kompagnie, whose beautiful tumblr site gave me the idea, and who was totally gracious about me blatantly stealing it.  

I hope you like it.


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