Friday, 7 March 2014

In which I go out drinking with Felicitas Hoppe and get in the newspaper

I went out drinking with the fantabulous German writer Felicitas Hoppe. Also, before you click the link and get a big shock, Going Dutch with German Writers has moved house to the Berliner Tagesspiegel newspaper. It's a very good newspaper, as you can tell by the fact that they are letting me write a monthly piece about going out drinking with German writers. In fact it's so good that there's a special page all about Going Dutch with German Writers in tomorrow's print edition.

Apart from the new address and snazzier surroundings, the series itself will stay the same. I will probably be more motivated to take photos though, because otherwise I'll get in trouble. I'm very pleased indeed.


Sam Gannon said...

Very glad this is getting more exposure, it's one of the few blogs I read regularly (a list which includes LGB as well, of course).

Jhon Alexander said...

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