Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Something for the Long Weekend

If you're condemned to stay at your desk over the weekend rather than rollicking at book fairs, here are a few consolations:

Dedalus, the British publisher nearly wiped out by the Arts Council, has been saved in the nick of time and will be bringing out lots of lovely translations. Here's a sample from Markus Orth's The Staff Room - translated by Mike Mitchell. Via the amazing Three Percent.

And the German publisher Rowohlt is celebrating its 100th anniversary, with much "tamtam" as the Germans say. Here's an entertaining article (in German) from the Hannoverscher Allgemeine Zeitung about how they used to edit their translations (with croché). Via the Complete Review.

Plus a short but sweet review of Irmard Keun's Child of all Nations (translator Michael Hofmann) in the New Statesman. I'm ordering it now.

I'll be back next week.

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