Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Eva Braun Redux

The international press have been swarming all over Heike B. Görtemaker's book taking a closer look at Eva Braun. See, for instance, Jessa Crispin at Foreign Policy, Kate Conolly in the Observer or the Guardian's take on Daily Mail readers' reactions (I haven't dirtied my eyeballs by reading the actual article they all commented on). German reviews, meanwhile, have been mixed. There just isn't enough source material to put a real portrait together on a serious academic basis, which is what Görtemaker has attempted.

But who cares about that in movieland? According to trade mag Börsenblatt, the publishers have sold film rights to the book to Michael Simon de Normier, the producer of The Reader. He says he plans to spend 20 million euro to make a film aimed at the international market. I imagine Madonna is already digging out her pubic wig for the sofa scene, having played another blonde Eva with Nazi pals in the past. But who will play Adolf in this ground-breaking new cinematic look at German culture?

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