Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Get Into And Other Stories

I've mentioned in the past that a select group of British book lovers and translators is in the process of setting up a not-for-profit publishing house showcasing international fiction. The project now has a name - And Other Stories - and is already launching into discussion of what books to translate.

And you too can join in. Yes, you - provided you read German, Spanish and/or Portuguese. You don't even have to be in any particular country. They've set up three discussion groups on LibraryThing, for Portuguese books, Spanish books and of course German books, looking at titles by Anne Weber, Gabriele Petricek, Susann Pásztor and Katharina Hacker for the time being. The idea, I believe, is to single out the best ones to actually publish in English. Now how exciting is that?

Watch this space for more breaking news.


Harvey Morrell said...

Super geil! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for posting this. As a librarian, I've known about, and been a member of, LibraryThing for awhile. This will make it even more interesting.

kjd said...

Aw, Harvey. Welcome on board!

emma said...

sounds great - between my partner and me, we speak and read german and portuguese!!