Monday, 1 February 2010

Non-Fiction Links from the Comments

How easy life is when people just post content in your comments box. I'm fetching it up here so everyone can see it.

First of all there's Trevor E. Brown, who is an academic publisher and would like to publish more translations, but not fiction. He writes:

My knowledge of Deutsch is rudimentary so it is a struggle hunting in bookshops and the usual suspect websites. Really I need a partnership with someone, not necessarily from a publishing background who has a good 'nose'.

And I want to have fun doing this!

Who can help me?

And then there's another of those anonymous tip-offs I love:

The Berlin Review of Books aims to publish high-quality reviews of, and insightful essays based on, important recent books published in any language, with a focus on non-fiction. While it will often approach contemporary debates from a European perspective, it is open to intelligent contributions from around the globe. Our goal is to promote honest and knowledgeable debate of issues of real significance; for this reason, we are committed to financial and editorial independence. The Berlin Review of Books does not normally publish fiction or poetry, except by invitation.


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