Thursday, 25 November 2010

Karen Duve: Weihnachten mit Thomas Müller

Here's another post by my daughter, this time about a children's book written by one of my favourite grown-up writers, Karen Duve. I'm waiting for adolescence to kick in, but until then I shall enjoy every minute of my daughter liking the same writer as me.

Weihnachten mit Thomas Müller is a couple of years old (2003) but hasn't dated. And it's written with Karen Duve's inimitable wry humour, which she uses to take all the characters in the story down a peg or two - and that makes them all the more loveable.

I first read it a month or so ago, drunk. And loved it, even sober. Here's what Elli has to say (I've translated her original post behind the link):

In this gorgeous picture book, "Thomas Müller" isn't a goalkeeper, he's a little teddy bear.
His family has left him behind, sadly. His owner Marc Wortmann dropped him. :(
Presumably when he saw the sneakers with integrated disco lights in the toys and sports store.

As he's sitting all alone by a fountain, a slim black cat comes along and they get talking.

The two of them decide to look for the Wortmann family; after all, Marc must be really missing him at Christmas, mustn't he?

A fun picture book with great illustrations.

Absolutely recommended!

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